If you're wondering why you child is having more-than-expected meltdown at home, having trouble in daycre or school, and home life is usually stressful for everyone...

Then this course is for you!

The endless hours of emotional exhaustion as you support one more meltdown, try to regulate for everyone, and spend hours Googling how to help your child end here. Your journey towards a peaceful and more regulated child starts right here, right now!

Here's what's included:

Course Modules

4 video modules of valuable education to help you figure out the WHY behind your child's behaviors and actions.

Course Workbook

Comprehensive workbook to help you keep track of what you learn and be able to advocate for your child's treatment.

Guest Experts

Guest experts sharing their professional knowledge on a variety of topics relevant to children with sensory processing differences.

Are you a dedicated parent or a passionate professional working with the amazing world of babies and children?

Do you find yourself puzzled, seeking answers for why your child seems to have more meltdowns or tantrums than you'd expect, whether at home, in public places, or at school?

You've come to the right place...

  • If you have a child who is sensitive to noise, touch, or always on the go

  • If your child tends to be a bit clumsy, bumping into things or experiencing frequent falls

  • If you suspect there is something more going on with your child, or perhaps you don't agree with a diagnosis from your family doctor

  • If you are ready to understand your child's weird quirks, differences or sensory behaviors.

Then this course is for you!


I Really Enjoyed The Course!

"A nice refresher and I'm learning some great tips to share with clients"

-Taylor Kulik

Occupational Therapist & Attachment-Focused Sleep Consultant

What You'll Gain:

1. Clarity

Finally, you'll understand the driving forces behind your child's actions

2. Peaceful Days (and Nights)

Experience more moments of tranquility and understanding

3. Happy Child, Happy You:

Witness the relief and comfort on your child's face

4. Easier Bedtimes

Embrace smoother bedtimes, paving the way to a night of better sleep (for everyone).

Introducing the

Sensory Processing 101:

Understanding Your Child From The Inside Out

This online course consists of 4 video-packed and science-based modules that are made with love and

dedication for every parent who seeks a nudge in the right direction. I'll take you on a journey through your child's sensory world, unveiling the 'whys' behind their actions and behaviors. I'll empower you with insights, tips, tricks, and proven strategies to navigate and support your child's sensory needs right in the comfort of your home.

get your sneak peek...

Here's how it all breaks down.


Understanding Sensory Processing

Learn about the 8 senses, how they develop in utero and how they affect babies and young children.


What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Understand what sensory processing and sensory integration are while learning about sensory thresholds & overstimulation.

Learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and when to seek additional support.

Uncover various sensory strategies to help you help your child with overall regulation throughout the day.


Supporting Sensory Processing & Sleep

Discover how sensory processing difficulties can affect sleep as well the sleep secrets that can minimize bedtime battles for your child and promote better sleep for both of you. Sensory bedtime strategies will also be discussed.


Primitive Reflexes

Learn about primitive reflexes, how they develop and how they integrate throughout the first year of life.

Discover signs and symptoms that might be present in your child that can indicate that some or all of these reflexes are not integrated.

Introduction to some basic movements you can start doing with your child to start integrating these primitive reflexes and gain amazing benefits.

Invest in your baby's comfort and your peace of mind...

It's like having me right beside you, coaching you as you progress through your journey ...

starting today!

Experience the joy of watching your baby or child flourish without daily meltdowns, constantly getting calls from the school, and just having a hard time.

Say goodbye to stress and tears, and hello to peace, giggles, and endless cuddles!


helped me clearly identify where to start with my daughters tactile sensitivities.

"I absolutely loved it. This course helped me clearly identify where to start with my daughters tactile sensitivities.

As a sleep coach I related to the sleep portion as an in depth explanation as to why things aren’t shutting down at bedtime or throughout the night. It helped me understand the scientific reasons as to why the body is responding and how we can respond in the future. I love the pace the flow the organization.

I loved that I could pause and return and that it wasn't to daunting or long."

-Jenn Petro-Cerson

Holistic Sleep Consultant @ Heartfelt Slumber

nice to meet you

I'm Kaili, your Baby Guru.

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I support mamas all over the world understand what might be going on with their baby, while helping them tune into (and listen to) their mama instincts.

I have a passion for normalizing and bringing clarity around baby sleep, development, reflux, and more. I am a wife and mom of two, and I fully understand the importance of trusting your mama instincts. I am on a mission to help you tune into your intuition and feel like the confident super mom you are.

I like to think of myself as an approachable authority on all things baby-related, as I provide down-to-earth advice that makes everyone feel like they can do this parenting thing!

Embark on this transformative journey with us and let's bring back the joy and tranquility that your baby deserves. Reflux relief is within reach – and it all begins with uncovering the cause. Join us today!

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Is the Sensory Processing 101 course worth the price?

This is a hard question to answer because everyone's idea of pricing is likely different. I'd like to ask you this: what is the value of having a happy, healthy, and content baby or child who is thriving? Can you really put a price tag on that?

Think about it this way: the cost of the course is an investment in your child's future. By doing your best to understand the WHY behind their daily struggles and behaviors, you're saving yourself a lot of grief and worry, while giving them a head start in life that they'll carry with them for years to come.

And let's not forget about the long-term saving. By helping your child feel better now, you'll likely save on medical bills and other expenses down the road (like all the unnecessary and usually expensive gadgets that 'promise' to help your baby feel more comfortable). Plus, you can't put a price tag on the piece of mind that comes with knowing you're doing everything you can to support your child's development.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but this is the most cost-effective way to get my support with your child's sensory processing. I hope you'll see the value in investing in your child's development and giving them the best start in life possible.

I'm not sure the holistic approach is for me ...

Well, let me ask you this: do you want your baby to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally in a balanced way? Do you want to support their natural instincts and abilities? Do you want to give them the best possible start in life? If you answered yes to any of these, then the holistic approach might just be for you.

I'm a first-time parent, will the course be overwhelming?

Not at all! In fact, the course is designed with first-time parents in mind. I break down the content into manageable modules and provide plenty of personalized support to ensure you feel confident and empowered.

I don't have time for a course, I'm a busy parent!

I hear you. But have you considered that investing a little time now could actually save you time in the long run? By learning why your baby or child seems to be struggling so much, you could end up spending less time dealing with daily meltdowns, being confined to your house (because you are too scared to bring them out into public), bedtime battles, sleepless nights, feeding struggles, and fussiness. Plus, I promise that the course is engaging and enjoyable.

I've read books and articles about baby reflux, why do I need a course?

Let's be real, reading a few articles doesn't compare to a comprehensive course taught by an expert in the field. Plus, the course actually shows you what you have to do and it includes hands-on activities, personalized support, and a panel of guest experts to learn from.

I'm skeptical about online courses, how do I know this is legit?

I get it, the internet can be a sketchy place. But I promise that our course is legit, backed by experts in the field, and has helped countless parents just like you. Plus, I offer a money-back guarantee, so if you're not satisfied with the course within the first 7 days, I'll give you a full refund. Can't argue with that, right?

Now That You Understand, You Are A Click Away From

Action-Packed Education

Are you willing to invest in a brighter future for yourself and your little one?


This course Has amazing Information!

"Usually, when I take a course, I highlight important information to review later. This course has such amazing information that it was just impossible to highlight. Everything is important!

I enjoyed the course very much, the content is so valuable and will add a lot to my business and family."

- Renata Quelhas Coelho


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